Beauty On Our Doorstep - CmC Photography Ireland

Beauty On Our Doorstep

Did you ever stop and just look around you? Did you ever pause and look a little closer at what surrounds you?
We are all creatures of habit, we all have our own busy lives, places to go, people to see and very rarely to we just STOP. Every one of us have a tendency to take things for granted in our lives, family, friends, and even the place we live. Then comes that time when we all say "Right I have to get away" and because of this we feel the need to drive for hours and hours to get to places that we have never seen.
Only the other day we realised that we also did this so, we decided to just stop, take a look around and see the beauty on our very own doorstep here in Co. Roscommon.


As photographers living in Castlerea, Co Roscommon we would sometimes feel the need to go father afield to get impressive photos for our portfolio, and granted if we are looking for vast oceans or huge mountains we would have to travel a bit, but it amazed us when we really looked closely, what we could actually find.  

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