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There is a lot of love in Autumn & Winter

So summer is over, that must mean wedding season is over right?....Wrong!!

In recent times there has been a huge trend towards Autumn and Winter weddings and from a photographers point of view, it can add greatly to the overall feel of the finished photographs.

Below we will just run through a few of our favourite reasons why weddings in the Autumn and Winter are so good…


Orange, Yellow, Brown…these are all colours we would associate with autumn, the leaves are changing and there are Halloween pumpkins everywhere. A photographer can get so creative when shooting outdoors with all the fantastic shades around.

For winter it’s all about whites, reds and golds. A lot of hotels will incorporate these colours into the decorations which can add a nice cosy feel to the atmosphere, and this feeling can translate beautifully through a camera lens.


So we all know that when we think of summer, we think beautiful, warm, sunny days…but let’s not kid ourselves to much, we live in IRELAND and any good Irish person knows, there is as much a chance of getting a thundery downpour in the middle of July as there is of one in the middle of November. But…there is nothing more beautiful than the sun shining on a cold October morning or a crisp, snowy December morning. 

The opportunities for stunning photographs multiply when we have a bit of snow to work with.


From September through to February there is a certain chill in the air, that warm summer breeze is long gone…but this isn't always a bad thing.

The fashion, the outfits and the style take a different twist this time of the year. We see the glamorous warm coats and the heavier suits coming out.

There is something warming to see a beautiful bride in a classy fur coat with the frost and snow all around.As much as we love the photographers the autumn and winter add to the romanticism of the pictures we take. And at the end of the day, for us, its all about capturing the romance.  

So...if you have a wedding booked for the autumn or winter months and there are people knocking the idea...don't listen to them...listen to us!! Its a magical time of the year and if you are willing to take a risk and brave the unpredictable weather, we promise that your photographs will benefit from it. Just smile and enjoy the greatest day of your life.

- Kieran & Dave, CmC Photography

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