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Sometimes an engagement session is the first time you’ll be meeting your wedding photographer, so it’s natural to be nervous about striking an awkward pose in front of an almost-stranger. When it comes to photographing an engagement session, one of the most important things is for us to talk to clients in advance about the flow of a typical engagement shoot. We like to explain that if we give a pose suggestion, it’s a starting-off point and doesn’t have to be taken literally if you have your own ideas about what you’d like. We like to start every shoot by keeping things light and fun by chatting with couples for a few minutes. In this time clients will often ask “What should we do?”

Here are our top 5 Tips:

Tip #1 – Feel Comfortable in your surroundings.

If we think our clients look uncomfortable, it’s probably because they are uncomfortable. It’s not always the easiest job in the world to “look natural” with people passing by, which is why location is key. We encourage you to select a place that means something to you both and makes you feel at home.

Tip #2 – Get direction.

It’s one thing to tell you to “have fun” on command, but showing you is sometimes the most valuable direction we can give. If we are trying to explain an idea, we often find ourselves demonstrating the pose to help you both feel at ease. This may frighten you at times but it does go a long way in making the shoot feel more relaxed.

Tip #3 – Don’t think too much.

We can’t express how important improvisation is for engagement photos. If every pose is forced or pre-planned, the photos might end up looking contrived. If at all possible, try to shut off your brain for a little while and live in the moment. Have fun at your shoot and make each other laugh. This is probably our most important tip for you. Talk to your fiancé about something funny your co-worker did at lunch the other day or something that makes you smile and try and forget you’re being photographed for a few minutes.

Tip #4 – Public Displays of Affection.

Some couples tell us from the start that they aren’t into public displays of affection, which is totally fine. There are plenty of other ways to show affection and this often leads to a very enjoyable shoot for us. Your interests, work or hobbies as well as children or pets can be incorporated into the shoot giving it a more quirky feel.

Tip #5 – Feel beautiful.

As much as we don’t like to pose people too much, unfortunately everyone has something that they don’t like about themselves. If you feel self-conscious about anything in particular, be sure to share your thoughts with us in advance so we can be sensitive to your concerns.

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